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What is TrackCert?
TrackCert is a service provided by EPG that tracks and verifies certificates of insurance given to you by your rental customers evidencing that they are covering your equipment while on rent to them.
Equipment dealers are not equipped to tell if a customer’s certificate is accurate and actually provides the coverage required in the rental agreement. We are and TrackCert solves this problem.
TrackCert is web-based and allowing your rental counter person to quickly determine and if a customer’s certificate complies with the rental agreement.

OK, I’m interested. How do I use it?
It’s simple. Once we have reviewed your inventory of certificates on file, we will post the results on a password protected web site for your rental counter people to easily access. As new customers come on, just fax us their certificate and we will have it on the web within two hours or you can call us directly if the customer is standing at your rental counter.

What if their certificate isn’t right?
We’ll tell you what we find and then it’s your decision whether to rent the machine or not based on the customer’s coverage. The best thing to do if the certificate is not right is to use the EPG LDW program which protects your machine while on rent and also creates another profit center for you.

Advantages to you.
  1. You eliminate employee time and cost trying to assess certificates.
  2. You increase LDW revenue, directly adding to your bottom line.
  3. Your asset is protected while on rent; either by the customer or by EPG LDW, eliminating this exposure from your dealer package.

Do I have to use the EPG LDW program to get TrackCert?
No, but using EPG’s LDW program is a better option than using your corporate package.
You remove your corporate exposure while passing the cost onto the customer. Additionally, you can make a profit on the LDW.